Pashto Learner 1.18


Learn Pashto Easier With Pashto Learner.

If you are learning Pashto then you have no doubt encountered the lack of good language references. Pashto Learner is a dictionary with an integrated pashto keyboard. It even supports wild cards in your searches in case you aren't sure if what you just heard was a ghein or a gaf. There is also integrated flash card functionality. You can add dictionary entries to a 'notebook' and study from there when you have some spare time. Everyone learning this language is struggling with the same challenges and so we should work together. To facilitate this, any time you find a word that is not in the dictionary you can add it. You can chose to upload any entry you add to the online dictionary and all users will benefit from your entry. Likewise, any entries added by other users will be added to your dictionary. The dictionary is stored on your device so even when you don't have network access you will still have your dictionary.

A help and feature guide with screen shots is available at:

Browser based version is now available at:

This version does not include flash cards but it will allow you to try out the dictionary. I hope you find it useful.

If you encounter any problems with this application please send an email to

If you wish to see a new feature added or have an idea of how something could be improved please contact us at

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